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The Distributed Autonomous Organisation of Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance DAO ?

QA-DAO has submitted proposals in Fund 6 of Project Catalyst. Follow this link to the Fund 6 Proposals Section for more details.
Quality Assurance DAO (QA-DAO) is an ongoing open source project that provides support for the Cardano Project Catalyst Community.
In Fund 5 of Project Catalyst QA-DAO submitted a proposal "Quality Assurance DAO" in the Developer Ecosystem Challenge that sought to encourage open-source collaboration & innovation and to do a QA Assessment of Catalyst Proposal Process itself. This proposal was successful in receiving votes and was funded in August 2021. Governance of the Quality Assurance DAO Fund 5 proposal may be followed here.
QA-DAOs own GitHub Organization is at https://github.com/Quality-Assurance-DAO.


QA-DAO designs and maintains documentation in open-source GitHub repositories for the Catalyst Circle, Catalyst Swarm, The Catalyst Alliance and The Catalyst School.

Transparent Governance

QA-DAO reports on and tracks Catalyst Governance experiments such as the Catalyst Circle.


QA-DAO provides support and training for the Project Catalyst community via the Catalyst School.


QA-DAO collates current research in the Cardano ecosystem and original research from the Catalyst community in the Ekphrasis journal.


The Quality Assurance DAO was founded by Stephen Whitenstall in April 2021 and grew out of a Project Catalyst Fund 5 Proposal
Quality Assurance DAO Fund 5 Proposal
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